Simone & the City

28 Oct

I love London. I’ll say that again, I LOVE LONDON, and almost everything about it.

For the last 4 1/2 years this has now been my home, and I doubt if I will leave it anytime soon. If you haven’t been to London, then I ask you to come around and visit my beautiful city.But something sad has already happened to my city. No, its not what happened on 7/7, although that was very tragic, but its something that runs deeper, and personal to me, I am talking about the slow demise of what tourists and Londoners will always remember of this great city, the Routemaster buses.

Where I used to live, I always take the Bus 38 route. This takes me from all over Hackney, through to Islington, Holborn, Oxford Street, then to the heart of the city, and all the way to Victoria. But effective tomorrow, the Bus 38 Routemaster will cease to exist, and will be replaced with those new, shiny and really bulky “bendy” buses.

Alongside many other Londoners, I feel that this is a wrong move as one of the things that will characterize my city will no longer exist, we will just be looking like every other city with this modern looking buses. Our Routemaster buses helped defined the character of London and why it is such a unique city, but that is now gone. 😦

For the last time, I rode this bus route tonight and took photos of it in the Hackney terminal alongside tourists and fellow Londoners with their handycams and camera phones wherein we are all in unison about the Routemasters goodbye as the end to an era. I mourn for the loss of my favorite bus, and for those who have not experienced riding these buses, its a shame really that your visit wouldnt be as memorable having to experience a ride at least on the Routemaster, and how sad that we can just appreciate one of London’s real landmarks only on our postcards.

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