Chocolate Puds

30 Oct


We are chocolate extremists with a good dollop of fun. Picture this – it’s the end of the meal, your guests’ taste buds have just endured some savoury salivation and they need some chocolate relief to put them back on track – it’s this Gü-tastic little number that’s going to do the trick. To eat…break through the sticky, crunchy almond top to reach the rich, moist, chocolate, orange strata beneath. Open wide to enjoy another Gü moment.

I don’t normally wax poetic with food. I am not a food critic, just give it to me on a plate and I will eat the thing. No guilt at all. But not with my recent discovery. I have got to say something about this meeting, I think it “was meant to be”. Simone and the chocolate puds by Gu.

It was calling out to me on this really elegant looking black box last Friday at Somerfield. Since it was packaged nicely I figured it will be expensive and I decided against it since I still had some yoghurts and bananas to finish off in my fridge. But I went again to Somerfield today to get my fill of fresh vegetables for lunch and there it was again, looking all delectable as it appeared on the image on the box. I looked at the price and it was for £3.99. I thought not bad, since I have been spending the same amount on another favorite dessert, Marks & Spencers Toffee and Pecan Roullade.

I hurriedly finished off my beef stroganoff and salad, and even as I was peeling off the plastic around the pud, I can help but already feel a thrill. The chocolate pud I got was dark chocolate, orange and almond torte. Just reading it’s name from the box, I was already salivating. And then started the love affair- it was just the perfect blend of the dark chocolate with the orange, my tastebuds exploding in ecstasy. It was divinely sinful.

Did I finish the whole pud? You think I would of! But no, this baby will stay in that fridge for at least 3 days, till I buy another one. Or two. *winks*

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