6 Nov

I remember playing this as a kid and loved the role of handing out the money to every player. Yeah, I loved being the banker of every Monopoly game that I played with my uncles or their friends who would come and play with us and of course my family. It was also my responsibility to keep the box tidy, making sure all the little houses and cards are in place, and ready for a future game.

So imagine how thrilled I am to have discovered where you can actually play Monopoly online! I cant even recall now how I got to that website but now I have to play it at least twice a week. I’ve been playing it online for close to 3 months now. How it works is that every game you play you are ranked depending on how many times you’ve won a game, so if you lose that many times, your rank gets lower and lower. I wanted to raise my rank and I asked my unsuspecting sister to register and play with me, I thought with a newcomer I can easily win a lot of games but guess who won? Yes, she did, much to my horror. Call it beginner’s luck I would! If you fancy a game please let me know. Oh, I am really not that competitive. *winks*

2 Responses to “Monopoly”

  1. Pedro November 12, 2005 at 5:55 pm #

    I suspect you are not so “uncompetitive”. I will give these games a try.

  2. Monette November 12, 2005 at 7:05 pm #


    But I am really not that competitive, I just HAVE to win all the time! 😉

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