Songs of the Week: I Have Dreamed/We Kiss in a Shadow/Something Wonderful

29 Nov

The ff. songs are culled from the musical, “The King and I” and sang here as a medley by Barbra Streisand in “The Broadway Album”.

We kiss in a shadow
We hide from the moon
Our meetings are few
And over too soon.

I have dreamed
that your arms
are lovely…
I have dreamed what a joy you’ll be…
I have dreamed
Every word you whisper
We speak in a whisper
When you’re close
Close to me.

Afraid to be heard…
Alone in our secret
Together we sigh
For one smiling day
To be free…

How you look
In the glow of evening
To kiss in the sunlight
I have dreamed
And enjoyed the view
And say to the sky
In these dreams
I’ve loved you so
That by now I think I know
What it’s like to be loved by you
Behold and believe
I will love
Being loved by you
Behold how my lover loves me…

He will not always say
What you would have him say
But now and then he’ll say
Something wonderful
The thoughtless things he’ll do
Will hurt and worry you
Then all at once he’ll do
Something wonderful
He has a thousand dreams
That won’t come true
You know that he believes in them
And that’s enough for you.
You’ll always go along
Defend him when he’s wrong
And tell him, when he’s strong
He is Wonderful
He’ll always need your love
And so he’ll get your love-
A man who needs your love
Can be Wonderful!

2 Responses to “Songs of the Week: I Have Dreamed/We Kiss in a Shadow/Something Wonderful”

  1. Pedro November 30, 2005 at 9:21 pm #

    Mecha Streisand!!! LOL

    Sorry I couldn´t help.

  2. Monette December 1, 2005 at 6:46 pm #

    There you are again with your Mecha Streisand comment.


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