Intelligent Design Banned

21 Dec

Where is the world headed to?

Most people would rather believe that the Devil exists but not God. But then God exists because they remember God for all the sufferings happening in the world. Natural disasters strike and they say, ‘if there is a God how can God allow this to happen?’ Terrorist attacks, senseless killings, ‘where is God in all these?’ Now they decide to take God’s powerful work of creation out of the school curriculum. I wonder what they will do next?See this link from BBC and rant away, whether you agree or disagree.

I can only despair.

-Image courtesy of NASA

3 Responses to “Intelligent Design Banned”

  1. Pedro Vecino December 25, 2005 at 8:11 pm #

    Why despair? It was God´s will…

    A gentle look at the issue:

  2. I_am_Belial December 30, 2005 at 4:39 am #

    Intelligent Design is not science. It should be taught by parents or in sunday school. School science class is to teach the alternative theories which have been proposed by science. They are “theories” and have never been declared facts. They are not trying to destroy God.

  3. bittrsweet August 19, 2006 at 5:40 am #

    i don’t see why you’re “despairing”. intelligent design is all about FAITH. there is no scientific basis or validity. evolution on the other hand DOES have scientific basis. it is still a theory, but it is a theory based on fact, not faith. faith does not belong in a SCIENCE class. it belongs in a philosophy or religion course. i still cannot understand why this is such a hard issue for people to grasp.

    for a site that portrays this frustration with people advocating intelligent design in schools as a scientific theory on par with evolution, please visit my blogroll, it’s the one about the spaghetti monster. strange name, i know, but it’s worth it.

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