Great Scots!

6 Apr

Robert Burns. William Wallace. Sean Connery. Gerard Butler. Kilts. Haggis. Whiskey. Huge, good looking men. (And okay, let’s add Richard Brunton from Filmstalker)

What do they all have in common? They all hail from bonny Scotland. And I was there, in the beautiful and historical city of Edinburgh from April 6-9.So what brought me to Edinburgh? Well, I have been wanting to go since last year but had to postpone and wait for a better weather and what better time could there be but the beginning of spring, it was still cold mind you but we managed. I went with Susan from my local congregation, and this is also her first time. It was not a very good flight getting there, just as we were about to land it reminded me of the way Anakin tried to land General Grievous’s spaceship in Revenge of the Sith- that bumpy feeling that even got poor Artoo was scared for his dear droid life. Saying that we are finally here! We decided not to try the Edinburgh pass and will just make our way around- Londoners!

We took a bus from the airport and enjoyed the 25 minute ride towards the city and was dropped off at Waverley station. Now where to from here? We had no idea where the Travelodge was located and as it turned out when we checked the Tourist Information Center, there were 2 Travelodge in the city. We took a chance and headed off to the one in St Mary’s Street which is handy just as it is along the Royal Mile. We crossed the North Bridge and boy was it windy, but what a beautiful sight of the castle and the old buildings around it. I love cobbled stones and this was how the streets along and around Royal Mile is made of, the history is now starting to kick in, I just dont recall an Asian ever emigrating to Edinburgh at that time, do you?

We checked in, freshened up and decide to take a stroll of the Royal Mile going down to the Holyrood Palace. As expected we stopped in all the souvenir shops we came across, its just everywhere, and treat ourselves with a very good tasting fudge, forgot the name but it tasted so good its a sin not to come back! On the right hand side of the palace stood Arthur’s Seat which will be a monumental task to climb. And there is no way I can make it up there in this cold weather. It looked beautiful and for a moment I was bewitched just looking at it. Wondered what could have happened there so many hundred years ago.

As I was craving for seafood, we tried to look for a restaurant just close to the hotel and we come across Iggs which turned out to be a tapas bar and restaurant. Oh well that totally alters everything now and we decided to go for the Paella Mixta- I still get my seafood and that good feeling about it. Amame. We were told by the barmaid that it takes a good hour to make and if we didnt mind waiting, that’s when it all sank in that we are already enjoying Edinburgh, and we’ve only been here for a few hours. How was the paella? It was delicious, we were so full that we couldnt finish it! And I was already tipsy after a glass and a half of the Rosé.

Tomorrow we conquer the city, but now I go to sleep.

2 Responses to “Great Scots!”

  1. Pedro Vecino May 6, 2006 at 8:44 pm #

    Well, the list is quite disappointing. It seems most brillant fellows in the United Kingdom were born in Ireland.

    Samuel Johnson said thing like that:

    Boswell: “Sometimes I have been in the humour of wishing to retire to a desart.” Johnson: “Sir, you have desart enough in Scotland.”

    Ultimately, Johnson went to Scotland to travel with Boswell.

  2. Monette May 8, 2006 at 8:46 pm #

    Pedro, youre being ironic right? 😉

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