Restaurant Review: Gallipoli, Islington

14 Sep

This is not the first time that I have been treated to (by far) the best Turkish food this side of London, because I am what you can say a habitue at the Gallipoli. This restaurant is so popular with Londoners that they have opened 2 more, also in Upper Street. So as not to confuse you where to go, the Galiipoli I am reviewing is Gallipoli 1. I have their number in my mobile in case I need to make a quick reservation which I had to do today after having been to Oxford showing my sister around as part of her 3rd UK visit.

Their meze menu is to die for but we skipped ordering it and went to order the main course. Pardon me but I totally forgot what they called these. They were both succulent lamb dishes though.


For a 2-course meal without wine, it’ll cost you about £15 ppn, for a 3-course meal around £20-25 plus gratuities.

 Gallipoli: *****

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