Restaurant Review: Barioja Tapas Bar, Edinburgh

25 Sep

This is my 2nd visit to Barioja which means its also the second time around for me in Edinburgh. We stayed at the Travelodge in St. Mary’s which is just a stone’s throw away to Barioja’s. We had spent the whole day sightseeing inboth Edinburgh and Glasgow and by the time we got back in the evening we were famished. It’s a shame my friend Richard from Filmstalker couldnt meet with us being swamped with work and personal stuff so its a quiet time alone with gypsy who is simply dreading the last few days of her stay.

We ordered chorizo and sardinas for our appetisers which was so good I forgot to take photos. But we really came for the paella mixta that because they know how to make proper paellas, when you order, it actually takes an hour to make so you have time really to catch up or get all loosened up by the time you dig in. We also ordered their house Rosé. And by the time the paella arrived and it touched my palate, it was just as I remembered it, just delicious and tasty. The staff are very attentive even offering to take a photo of ourselves. We had some strawberry gelatin with mocha ice cream for afters.

If you are ever visiting Edinburgh, pop down Jeffreys Street and check out Barioja. If you dont wish to wait for an hour for your paella and would like to order then come back later, they will ask you to pay in advance which is just fair. Their menu is moderately priced, be prepared to shell out between £20 ppn for a three course meal with wine and coffee plus gratuities. Paella mixta is good for 2 persons at £16.

Barioja Tapas Bar: 4/5

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2 Responses to “Restaurant Review: Barioja Tapas Bar, Edinburgh”

  1. Peter November 29, 2006 at 8:06 pm #

    I´d like to eat Spanish food out of Spain. It would be fun! You seem to enjoy paella a lot, you look happy in front of it.

    No wonder, the colour and the overall look of it is really good!

    Que aproveche.

  2. Simone November 30, 2006 at 12:34 am #

    I think one of the best things about your country is the great food, as for the people, ehr, I am not so sure! Hihihihi…

    Yeah, I love paella and I am sure the best place to experience it is in Espana, must plan to visit one day!

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