Film Review: The Queen

27 Sep

Directed by Stephen Frears

Plot: When news of the death of Princess Diana breaks upon a shocked and disbelieving British public, HRH Queen Elizabeth II (Helen Mirren) retreats behind the walls of Balmoral Castle with her family, unable to comprehend the public response to the tragedy. For Tony Blair (Michael Sheen), the popular and newly elected Prime Minister, the people’s need for reassurance and support from their leaders is palpable. As the unprecedented outpouring of emotion grows ever stronger, Blair must find a way to reconnect the beloved Queen with the British public. – Yahoo Movies

Dame Helen Mirren won me over her wonderful performance as the Queen, for a while there gypsy and I thought we were watching the real thing. Michael Sheen was just as effective as Tony Blair, and the film contains a really clever script by Peter Morgan who also wrote the acclaimed The Last King of Scotland, and another British period piece in The Other Boleyn Girl. But it’s definitely Mirren’s portrayal of a humanised Queen Elizabeth that makes this film truly a delight to watch.

The Queen: *****

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