Film Review: The Last Kiss

23 Oct

Plot: Based on the Italian film L’ULTIMO BACIO and directed by Tony Goldwyn (A WALK ON THE MOON), THE LAST KISS is a film about growing pains and choices. Nearing his 30th birthday, marriage-phobic Michael (Zach Braff) loves his live-in girlfriend Jenna (Jacinda Barrett), but worries that there are no surprises left in his life. Enter Kim (Rachel Bilson), a vibrant college student who Michael meets at a wedding. Soon, he finds himself treading in dangerous territory; he loves Jenna, but is intrigued by Kim and attracted to both her and to the possibilities that a new relationship offers. With Kim, Michael not only feels 10 years younger, but also as if anything is possible. Now, he has to decide if pursuing Kim is worth the risk of losing Jenna, and if the life he has planned with Jenna is in fact the life he really wants.

I really had no plans to watch this film but since I wanted to kill time until I get to see ‘The History Boys’ at a later showing I went in halfheartedly. There’s nothing new to learn from this film, it’s the usual clichés about love and life – although I must say I am getting to like Zach Braff a little bit more since ‘Garden State’ but even Braff couldnt save this movie. Surely not something that Paul Haggis will be proud of.

The Last Kiss: *

One Response to “Film Review: The Last Kiss”

  1. Peter November 8, 2006 at 8:39 pm #

    Hush hush… Paul Haggis is NOT such a good screenwriter or filmmaker. But don´t say that to you-know-who… LOL

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