Restaurant Review: Cats Cafe Des Artistes

9 Nov

It’s my first time to be in Finsbury Park, found myself there with my work colleagues catching up with our alert organisms. After a pint of Stella and I must confess a dizzying glass of orange juice from the nearby pub The Larrik, we all agreed it was time for a proper meal.

After being given a choice of the best restaurants along the High Street, we settled to a Thai restaurant called Cats along Stroud Green Road. It was still full at this time of the night and although I didnt take on to its interior decor, I did love the log-shaped tables and chairs with its comfy oversized pillows. It was like venturing into a mini-jungle this side of London.

Service is quick and I am amazed that after ordering our drinks and starters, the waiters were back within minutes with my delicious yum nuea – Thai beef salad and just spicy enough to the taste. The amount of onions made me smile what with my weakness of it. For the main course, I was tempted to try the volcano chicken or the pad thai but I opted with a more popular and safe choice, my favorite Thai curry, the panang chicken with a very fragrant bowl of pandan rice. As expected, t was delightfully sinful. I loved that the curry sauce wasnt that thick nor runny. The only other restaurant I enjoyed my panang was what used to be Anglo Thai in Mare Street.

Cats menu is moderately priced, be prepared to shell out between £15-£20 ppn for a two course meal (without wine) plus gratuities. I will come back to try that volcano chicken.

Cats Cafe Des Artistes: 4/5

2 Responses to “Restaurant Review: Cats Cafe Des Artistes”

  1. pedro73 November 18, 2006 at 1:09 pm #

    Good food and good company. What else can we ask for? 😀

  2. Simone November 30, 2006 at 12:36 am #

    Oh be careful what you ask for, it just might come true! 😉

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