Olympus Mju 700

30 Nov


This is my 2nd digital camera purchase in 4 years, and since I have given my Fuji Finepix (which I lovingly nicknamed Artoo) to my mom over 2 years ago now alongside my digital camcorder, I thought it’s about time that I owned a new camera to capture those special moments.


  • 7.1 million pixels
  • 19.1 MB internal storage for images.
  • Removable xD-Picture Card
  • 3x Zoom
  • 2.5inch TFT LCD monitor with 115,000 pixels.
  • BrightCapture Technology: Improved live-view especially in dark surroundings.
  • 8cm Super Macro
  • 23 Scene modes
  • Weight: 103g

So what comes with the box? You get a neck strap, USB cable, AV cable, rechargeable lithium battery , a battery charger and OLYMPUS Master software version 1.4. No offense but I found the software a bit tedious and somewhat useless so I stuck with my own photo editor. Here’s a rundown of the product as reviewed by another user for Amazon UK:

Pros: The Mju 700 from Olympus weighs in at only 103 g and features a 7.1 megapixel ccd that will alow the user to enlarge their images up to A3 in size in truly stunning quality. The camera has a 3x optical zoom, a 5x digital zoom and so therefore the camera has a total zoom capability of 15x. On the reverse side of the camera there is a 6.4 cm crystal clear LCD display, which is helped by Olympus’s brightcapture technology. The camera has four flash modes which are auto, red eye, fill in or off. The Mju 700 has a full metal weatherproof casing, not waterproof but the camera can be made waterproof with the optional pt-032 waterproof case. The Mju 700 has 23 scene modes which includes; Portrait, Landscape with Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Night Scene, Night Scene with Portrait, Indoor, Candle, Self Portrait, Available Light Portrait, Sunset, Fireworks, Museum, Cuisine, Behind Glass, Document, Auction,  Beach&Snow,  Underwater Macro. The camera also has an image stabilisation mode, a red eye reduction mode and a macro mode that allows detailed close up’s as close as 8cm, all of these allow the user to fine tune their photography to get the perfect shot. The Mju 700 can also take video clips with sound up to a maximum VGA resoloution of 15fps.

Cons: The camera comes with a very small 19 mb of internal memory which will only give you 11 photos on High Quality mode so it’s recommended that you buy at least 256 mb card to get the most out of your Mju. I decided to go for the Olympus 1GB XD Type M Picture Card with Panorama Function. It’s other weakness include lack of case and non waterproof housing.

I have been using it for 5 months now and most of the photos I have posted in this blog were shots I have taken using my Mju. I love using it and plan to keep it for a while despite my mother’s pleas of giving it to her eventually, I might not do that just yet as I’ve put some sentimental value to it after the beautiful summer that’s just passed. 😉

Olympus Mju 700: ****


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