With A Little Help from my Friends

7 Apr

I used to be obsessive-compulsive about cleaning. I nearly drove my whole family crazy when I was still back home with my incessant pleas for them to tidy up their rooms after I’ve been around to clean it.

I just cleaned everything in my path as if I were on a mission. I used up all the cottonballs and Green Cross rubbing alcohol to disinfect frequently used items such as phones, computer keyboard, or what-have you. My room which I shared with my brother Morning is always immaculate, his wardrobe has always got neatly packed clothes, even his necktie collection was well organised, thanks to his dependable roommate Ate. The bathroom and toilet which is shared between us siblings is always squeaky clean and there is not a single hair that you can find on the tiled floors, or the sink. I regularly bleach the marbled floors throughout the family house and have learned to use floor wax to make the floors shiny. Sounds like a pretty domesticated girl I would become until I moved to the UK.

All of a sudden when I moved away from home, these good traits and skills I have learned just stopped happening altogether which in turn drove my new flatmate Eppie to madness. We would have endless squabbles about how I always messed up the reception room, I always left a mess after using the bathroom, and whatever else you think I should have done that I didnt. You can say it, I was fast becoming the flatmate from hell. Eppie put up with this and we managed to live harmoniously (sometimes) for 5 years until she got married.

When I moved to this flat in Victoria Park 2 years ago now, other friends of mine from the congregation gave a helping hand. I had my cousin Jon and his wife Greyz also helping me out, with Jon doing some lawnmowing whilst Greyz and myself putting away boxes, setting up the PC, and cleaning at the same time. You would think that now I was living on my own things would change, actually no, it didnt. Now that there’s nobody there who would be pressuring me to tidy this or tidy that, I had even more excuse not to always do it, to leave cleaning or just about any household chore for later, but now that I am moving flats again in 3 months time,and I have a party Sunday night, my old flatmate felt I would need help. So we organised to have a sort out day of my possessions and at the same time the cleaner that lived in Eppie’s body and soul came alive when she also chose to help me clean the flat. Another good friend, Wendy, joined myself and Eppie as she helped prepare some of the dishes I am making for my all-girls get together tomorrow night. We’ve also discovered another one of Wendy’s talents last night and it was truly impressive.

To Eppie and Wendy, thank you so much for helping me out. I know I made you girls work very hard yesterday but it was so nice to have your company again and I must admit, it feels good walking around my flat knowing it’s looking much nicer, cleaner, fresher, so yeah, I will wait till you come back and clean it again. 😛

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