Film Review: The Heartbreak Kid

5 Oct

Plot: Single and indecisive, Eddie (Ben Stiller) begins dating the incredibly sexy and seemingly fabulous Lila. Upon the urging of his father and best friend, Eddie proposes to her after only a week, fearing this may be his last chance at love, marriage, and happiness. However, while on their honeymoon in sunny Mexico, Lila reveals her true beyond-awful nature and Eddie meets Miranda (Michelle Monaghan), the woman he realizes to be his actual soul mate. Eddie must keep his new, increasingly horrid wife at bay as he attempts to woo the girl of his dreams.

What was I even thinking when I decided to see this movie? I did think though that it will provide me some comic relief for at least for 2 hours. What did I get in the end though? Nothing but a load of utter tosh. This film was just heartbreaking to watch.

Avoid at all costs.

The Heartbreak Kid: 0.5/5…(read more…)

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