Restaurant Review: Thai Square, Islington

17 Nov

I love dining out. One of the perks of being single includes being adventurous with different types of cuisine. I am no stranger to Thai food and since I organise an annual dine-out with my dear friends Trudy & Tania, I thought we could have a Thai meal this year. That’s what I love with these girls, they do love good food like myself. In previous years we’ve had lovely Greek and Turkish meze dinners at Kolossi and Gallipoli (also in Islington) and the year before Trudy spotted this fine Chinese restaurant at Baker’s Arms in Walthamstow and the three of us went there too. Since Tania and myself have been to Thai Square before, we can vouch for the quality of their dishes so I booked us dinner reservations for 6 pm.

Knowing the generous portions they do at Thai Square, we skipped our starters and went straight to our mains of Gang Kiaw Wan Gai (Chicken green curry), the most famous Thai green curry with chicken, cooked in coconut milk with bamboo shoots, Thai baby aubergines and sweet basil leaves, Yum Nua (Beef salad) Thai style char-grilled beef salad with tomatoes and Thai herbs in spicy dressing which is my staple favorite, and Lamb Yang, special marinated rack of lamb ribs, lightly cooked on flaming char-grill, served with a traditional Thai spicy sauce and we ordered side dishes of coconut rice. All these came within 10 minutes of waiting time, by now the restaurant is beginning to fill, not surprisingly on a Saturday night.

The menu at Thai Square is very reasonably priced, so with our 3 mains, side dishes of rice, a glass of Rosé wine and cups of coffee for afters, it all just came to an even £60. And the night was still young.

Thai Square Islington: 5/5

Check out their website here:

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