Restaurant Review: Frocks, Victoria Park

28 Dec

This is the second time I have been to Frocks, a dainty little restaurant in Victoria Park. The first time I dined here was for a leaving do of a work colleague and I have always wanted to comeback again just to have that feeling of familiarity, its location being just in my village.

I initially wanted to take my friend Morbius for a Bangladeshi/Indian meal in Brick Lane, just to show him a little bit of East End hospitality and culture, but due to the bad weather and lateness of the time, heck, he came all the way from Wales to London, I thought it was a much better solution to just stay local and check out one of my village’s gourmet restaurants rather than venturing out, although Brick Lane is really not that far, maybe next time eh?

Frocks’ menu is classed as eclectic European, and my friend who is the most easy to please when it comes to food, surprisingly didn’t cringe at their rather fancy menu but safely opted for their parmesan soup, saying ‘you can never go wrong with soup’, but quickly forgetting that parmesan is actually cheese and since he only eats plain cheese, with Branston pickle in a sandwich, then I wonder if this will bode well. I chose their crayfish risotto which was fine, although I was expecting a different texture to my risotto, so with that one I couldn’t say I was thrilled about.

We had a glass of the House Rosé, and for our mains, a well done Argentian rib eye steak with chips for my friend (why didnt they add in some greens there too instead of ordering it as a side?) and a pan fried sea bass fillet with fresh garden vegetables and new potatoes totally won us over. Debating whether we would need some afters, we gave in to a really small serving and quite inventive but annoying way of serving apple crumble and custard and my different flavoured creme brulee.

For a quiet evening where you can relax and talk and really take time with your meal, Frocks is a good place for you. Quite pricey but I have to say wass worth it. A 3-course meal for 2 with wine is £60 plus a 12.5% gratuity added to the bill.

Frocks: 3.5/5

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