Theatre Review: The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other

22 Feb

For a moment, a bright, empty town square. And then a figure darts across, and another and another – businesspeople, roller-bladers, a cowboy, several street-sweepers, a half-dressed bride, a film crew, a line of old men, a tourist, a beauty in a mirrored dress, Abraham and Isaac, a family of refugees, a fool – more and more people, the bizarre and the humdrum, fleetingly connected by proximity alone.

Twenty-seven actors, 450 characters and no dialogue: a play without words by the great experimental figure of European theatre, Peter Handke. – National Theatre

1 hour and 45 minutes of just watching as the actors walk past each other, which seemed exciting and a bit fun for the first 45 minutes but then it obviously dragged for another hour. It’s not something I would recommend as a first time theatre experience, saying that I don’t think I would subject myself again to another. Perhaps it would work better in an open venue, it just didnt work for me personally.

The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other: 2/5

Playing at the Lyttelton, National Theatre until April 12

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