TV Review: Gavin & Stacey

25 Mar

Plot: Stacey is from Barry, in Cardiff, and Gavin is from Essex. But the difference in backgrounds and culture doesn’t hinder their romance, which flourishes when they finally meet for the first time after hitting it off during numerous flirtatious work calls. Stacey’s guardian-uncle, Bryn, has pledged to look out for his niece – when not obsessing over his faulty satellite navigation system – whilst Gavin is doted on by his sometimes emotionally volatile mother, Pam, who only wants the best for her “little prince”. On the occasionally rocky route to Gavin and Stacey’s wedding, the two very different sets of families and friends must learn to get along together. The couple’s best friends, the forthright Nessa and best man Smithy, get along very, very well but, unfortunately, only when they’re drunk.

Gavin is played by Matthew Horne (The Catherine Tate Show, Teachers), Stacey by Joanna Page (Gideon’s Daughter, Love Actually), Bryn by Rob Brydon, Pam by Alison Steadman, Nessa by Ruth Jones and Smithy by James Corden (The History Boys).

I chanced upon this program whilst browsing the BBC iPlayer. I have heard of the show but vaguely know what it’s about so I thought let me go and have a look at the Season 2 episodes and after just 2 episodes which I watched simultaneously, I am hooked!  I simply fell in love with Gavin and Stacey at first sight. I love that it’s about people from different background and cultures, she’s Welsh and he’s English, trying to make a go at their relationship and with their kooky friends Smithy and Nessa, makes it even more fun and exciting to watch.

Corden who plays Smithy and Jones who plays Nessa are co-writing the show which has received accolades at the British Comedy Awards. I love that this is a show that most of us can relate to and real characters you actually believe exist.  In an interview with the Times Online,  Jones says,“we wanted a comedy that had a mainstream feel, but not bland …” Corden adds “… a show that didn’t exclude anyone. So many comedies either exclude me or my parents. We wanted to make a show that was first and foremost truthful. It feels like sometimes people aren’t bothered about telling stories any more.”

Personally, I really love Bryn’s character, which is wonderfully played here by Rob Brydon. Bryn is the typical Welshman for me and he is ever so funny. Having lived in Wales for 2 years and have formed lifelong friendships there, I can relate so much to their personalities, and that’s probably why I am so drawn with this series. Their very warm, friendly people and is always a laugh. I also have a soft spot for James Corden since seeing him in The History Boys, I love the way he presents us with Smithy, the best pal anyone could ever want.

I am most likely to buy Season 1 on DVD. Episodes 1 to 5 of Season 2 are currently on the BBC iPlayer so if you’re from the UK and you have not seen this program, now is the time to give it a try and come back here to tell us what you thought of it! Me thinks it’s TIDY!

Gavin & Stacey: 4/5

For normal programming, Gavin and Stacey  is on BBC 3, Sundays, 9pm.

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  1. Alex Fallowfield February 7, 2010 at 2:05 pm #

    Found a link where you can watch all gavin and stacey episodes for free 🙂

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