Between You and Me

18 May

I nicked this idea from actress Hattie Morahan’s website (with a bit of a twist) as I couldn’t get myself to write my outstanding reviews for The Lady from the Sea, The City and Rosmersholm. But I shall return for normal programming soon, promise!

  • The house/flat I grew up in…. is a detached 3 bedroom bungalow, in what was still then a growing city in the southern part of Manila, quite close to the coast. When I come home to visit in August, I probably wouldn’t recognize it with all the rebuilding that has been going on. I have a lot of happy memories there
  • When I was a child I wanted to be… an architect! Would you believe it? I remember looking at architecture magazines and designing my own houses, only to be told by my parents that there is more involved to it than just sketches. That’s why I laugh all the time whenever I watch Seinfeld and George Costanza insists that he could be an architect, well, I suppose I am the architect of my own life eh?
  • The moment that changed me for ever… when my mum cried and gave up on me. I have been a naughty girl missing my classes in college. One afternoon after deciding not to go to one of my classes again, she just cried as if giving up, my heart was broken and I didn’t look back since.
  • My real-life villain…she exists alright but I’d rather be mum about it, she might be reading this now!
  • If I could change one thing about myself… I would sleep way earlier, say like make it a goal to be in bed by midnight and not still be awake by the time the cock crows at 4.
  • At night I dream of... my first boyfriend, at least quite recently. Why he’s been in my dreams I don’t know. No, there was nothing between us that needs resolving, we both have had closures and I want to think we are good friends again.
  • What I see when I look in the mirror… is some skinny girl wanting to get out of the fat one. Hihihihi…
  • My style icon… my sister Shishi who keeps my fashion sense in check. She’ll be shocked when she sees what’s in my wardrobe when I see her next.
  • My favourite item of clothing… my pink Corduroy jacket that’s 5 years old! Used to be my red woolen scarf but I lost it several years ago in the cinema.
  • You wouldn’t know it but I’m very good at… recognising if someone just had a haircut. And remembering important dates.
  • You may not know it but I’m no good at… time management. And putting names to people’s familiar faces.
  • All my money goes on… theatre! I average about 6 shows a month ranging from £10-30 per show. Add to that the program and the playtext. Does the interval drinks count?
  • If I have time to myself… I’ll just go and take the bus, get off wherever I fancy, pretend I am a tourist, have a cup of tea somewhere and just watch the world go by.
  • I drive/ride… a bus. If I leave this town, it’s them London buses I will certainly miss the most.
  • My house/flat is… is a one bedroom garden flat in Victoria Park that I will have to move out of by the end of July.
  • My most valuable possession is… this is sad I know but it has to be my housemate teddy, Bobo. I’d be gutted if I lose him for whatever reason.
  • My favourite building… is the National Theatre. Dunno why, but every time I pass by if I am on the bus, or every time I go in, there is this sense of pride, and I am not even British! Yet.
  • Movie heaven… has to be The Godfather. I have seen it a million times but if I have to watch it, I have to pay attention as if watching it for the first time around, and it’s absolutely cracking.
  • My favourite work of art… Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss.
  • The last album I bought/downloaded… Idina Menzel’s Defying Gravity off iTunes.
  • The last DVD I sawA Dance to the Music of Time. I needed my Simon Russell Beale fix.
  • The person who really makes me laugh… Jerry Seinfeld and the gang in Seinfeld. Robert Lindsay’s character of Ben Harper in My Family.
  • The shop I can’t walk past… Waterstone’s, Borders, HMV, second hand bookshops when I am on holiday
  • The best invention ever… Internet.
  • In ten years time, I hope to be… healthy, accomplished, wiser and content
  • My greatest regret… grow old on my own and not having someone to share my passions
  • My life in seven words… under construction but do watch this space.

3 Responses to “Between You and Me”

  1. Charlene April May 21, 2008 at 12:10 pm #

    “When I come home to visit in August, I probably woudn’t recognize it with all the rebuilding that has been going on.”

    — what rebuilding? =p

  2. Simone May 21, 2008 at 9:19 pm #

    Eh di marami na ngayong building sa Las Pinas dati puro bahay lang? Hehehehe

  3. eddie December 8, 2008 at 1:17 am #

    What’s all this rubbish? 😛

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