Meeting Simon Russell Beale

3 Jul

I have blogged endlessly and shamelessly (it’s the Undershaft motto apparently) about my admiration for Simon Russell Beale and last night, after Major Barbara’s final performance at the National, on a last minute whim, and on a freezing cold summer night, I decided to wait outside the stage door, holding my breath each time someone’s coming through them doors, hoping to catch a glimpse and hopefully an autograph and maybe engage him in a small chat. I wish now I had brought my programme for him to sign as I didnt have anything until I realised I had some SRB postcards in my planner, including one from Major Barbara.

At 23:34, an hour since I’ve been camping out, SRB breezes out as his cab has just arrived, and I almost reluctantly but quite determinedly walked up to him, giving him the Major Barbara postcard and without a word handed him the National pen I just bought at the bookshop. I am not going to be poetic about this and say that our eyes met as if we both knew because it was! Eeeekkkk! Anyway as he was signing away, where I didnt even have the guts to tell him my name which will surely be like bells ringing into his ears, a name I am sure he won’t easily forget, and at that moment he notices another postcard of himself in the planner, isn’t that Money? (referring obviously to the play) and that was my cue to start talking like a fan. I unashamedly told him, oh Simon, I am your biggest fan! and then I just couldnt stop and I had to say that I had seen the play 7 times, but as if to assure him that I am not some sick lunatic, I also said, dont worry, I am not some kind of stalker, which elicited a smile from him.

Aggghhhhhh!!! I am normally good at this, its quite clear that I am getting a bit old and didnt have a lot of practice of late. We talked some more and he assured me that we will talk again. I assured him of my presence in the upcoming A Slight Ache.

Now what do I do? Camp outside the stage doors again or send him something?

Ah, this thing called love.

2 Responses to “Meeting Simon Russell Beale”

  1. leumas at 12:55 am #

    hi simone,

    i vote for… send him something before the show. then be the very first one in the audience to stand up on curtain call. make sure to scream his name totally loud πŸ™‚ no, just kidding, it would be a turn off, seriously. just be the very first one to stand up with an earsplitting clap and pray that he’ll engage in an eye to eye contact… oh, i’m just kidding. just be yourself.


  2. feignedmischief at 9:45 pm #

    I didn’t get the chance to see him again this month because I had to do a few things at work, but I most definitely will see him twice in September, which will give me plenty of time to plot and scheme! πŸ˜‰

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