A Slight Ache/Landscape

13 Sep


Plot: A Slight Ache takes an oblique view of a long-married couple, the irascible Edward and his frustrated wife Flora, when the arrival of a statuesque silent stranger splinters their loveless bourgeois marriage.

I have seen A Slight Ache on its own last August just before I jetted off to the Philippines for a much deserved break, and although I am not a huge Pinter fan, I am still on a quest to see as much as Pinter as possible that’s why I had to see it again. Oh okay, I am also seeing it again because of we-know-who, there, I admit it! *swoons*

I had the chance to read the very brief play text which I got from the NT bookshop months ago which somehow helped in understanding the characters of Edward (Simon Russell Beale) and Flora (Clare Higgins) and what the match seller represented. As always, Russell Beale delivers a fine performance, and you can tell how much the audience responds to him. Every move he makes seem to elicit a response! I can half guess that the reason why the Lyttelton was full could be because of him.

In Landscape, which Billington describes Pinter to be writing, beautifully and graphically, about physical nearness and emotional separation, couldnt have been more appropriately acted onstage by both actors. Beale’s harshness with a sense of longing, as opposed to Higgin’s bitter and own yearning.

A guaranteed good evening at the theatre.

A Slight Ache/Landscape: 3/5

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