Theatre Review: Dido Queen of Carthage

17 Mar


Plot: Seeking refuge from a violent storm, Aeneas lands on the shores of Carthage where Queen Dido, moved by his retelling of the fall of Troy and bewitched by a malevolent Cupid, soon burns with love. Their ensuing passion, manipulated by the watching, warring gods, can only end in tragedy.

I wouldnt even bother with a review so here’s the beef: it’s worth missing this Marlowe for the Merlot. I just quoted the Whingers motto because I couldnt have said it any better. Fellow theatre blogger Tim who was also there at the preview, has got more to say here.

Dido, Queen of Carthage- 1/5

The evening’s highlight was really my meet up with fellow SRB admirer Abigail who is just as charming and fine in person as she is online. Wish we had stayed longer at the bar, although your own outing went well. Till the next time!

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