Theatre Review: A Doll’s House

1 Jun


Plot: Nora loves her husband above all else. But when she risks her reputation in order to save his, she begins to question her devotion and finds herself fighting for her own life.

Zinnie Harris’ new version is set against the backdrop of British politics at the turn of the last century, in a world where duty, power and hypocrisy rule.

When I booked this play in November, I already knew Gillian Anderson was cast as Nora and I would have booked it anyway because of my ongoing quest to watch as much Chekhov, Shakespeare and Ibsen whenever possible. I always get drawn into the characters that Ibsen has created notable ones like Borkman, Bernick, and Stockmann. For his heroines, after Ellida, from The Lady from the Sea, Nora has now become my next favorite.


Gillian Anderson was just stunning and gave a very fine performance as the devoted wife then changed woman. Her Nora is beautiful yet vulnerable. And that purple velvet dress she wore in the second act, ehr, do they have that in my size? Toby Stephens as husband Thomas Vaughan played his self righteous role of a politician with much bravado, kudos as well to Anton Lesser as the faithful Dr. Rank, and I thought that the sub-plot rekindled romance between Kelman and Christine -excellently played here by Christopher Eccleston and Tara Fitzgerald was superbly played.

I still would have liked to see a faithful adaptation of the play although this new version was quite engaging. Overall an inspired and wonderful production with high octane performances from all members of the cast.

A Doll’s House: 4/5
Playing at the Donmar until July 18

5 Responses to “Theatre Review: A Doll’s House”

  1. Shishi at 2:26 am #

    wait wait wait wait wait! you just saw gillian anderson, toby stephens and chris eccleston, my chris eccleston, in the flesh? i hate you!

  2. feignedmischief at 2:52 am #

    Well, well, well, I told you already to come and visit, so dont be shocked of the name dropping. You would love Eccleston, that’s for sure. Didn’t know you also liked Stephens!

  3. Sheelz at 8:32 am #

    Yes, I have four tickets to see performances on 16/17/18 June! Can’t wait!

  4. JohnnyFox at 1:24 pm #

    Can you find out if they have Toby Stevens in MY size? Thank you.

  5. Holly at 3:03 pm #

    Great review-seeing this on Saturday and now getting very excited. Have you seen Woman in Black? Tickets are on special offer and I am contemplating going.

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