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Doctor Who 2008 X’mas Special

15 Nov

It’s no secret that I absolutely love Doctor Who. Since rediscovering it in last year’s Voyage of the Damned, I have been hooked since. I would devour anything related to the franchise! It’s a real shame when Tennant announced leaving the series come 2010 but let’s not forget that we still have him for another year, so it’s not as if it will all be over soon, 1 year is still 365 days, although for a Time Lord that’s really just 5 episodes. And the point of this blog entry is that there’s the X’mas special to look forward to and just by looking at this preview trailer I know we are in for another fantastic episode! It’s also worth speculating if David Morrissey can make a good Doctor, wasn’t his name mentioned as a worthy candidate? Know what, based on this trailer, I dont mind really! For a while there I thought it wouldnt hurt so much to see Tennant go if we had somebody like Morrissey to take over the TARDIS.

AnyWho, enjoy the trailer and tell me what you think! Cheers to my dear friend Morbius who posted the link in Facebook for it absolutely made my day, the cold I am brewing suddenly didnt exist.


Doctor Who: Partners in Crime

5 Apr

The last time I went gaga over a television series was way back in the 90’s, mostly American tv programmes such as Seinfeld and X-Files. Since these shows folded up (at least my love affair was only up to Season 5 of the X-Files cause after that I lost interest) I have never really loved any other tv show with such a passion, FRIENDS came close but not quite. Then I moved to the UK, and without wanting to bore you with the more intimate details, I fell in love with Doctor Who since seeing the last X’mas special, The Voyage of the Damned last year, and the rest if I may say so, is travelling back in time, ehr history.

Plot: The Doctor (David Tennant) and Donna (Catherine Tate) independent of each other infiltrate, by not so cunning and near identical means, a company called Adipose Industries. The company has successfully marketed a slimming pill to over a million Londoners and both suspect that there is more to it than meets the eye. Donna is investigating as she (rightly) believes that by seeking out unusual trouble she will attract the Doctor’s attention. She has regretted not taking up his offer of a few lifts in the Tardis and aims to put this right if she can.

The two soon discover the truth: that the Adipose are a race of creatures that breed using the fat of other life forms. Each evening those people who have been taking the pill miraculously lose a kilo in their sleep What they do not realize is that baby Adipose are being created from their fat and are making their way back to their Nanny’s HQ. The Nanny, made aware of the Doctor’s extra-terrestrial origins, decides to speed up the birth process and it is up to the Doctor and Donna to save a million Londoners from becoming the means of producing the next generation of Adipose. – Telewatcher.com

Having seen all the first episodes of all 4 seasons, I didn’t have a problem with this episode which was really the means of reintroducing Donna’s character. I even felt it was a tad better than the episodes Rose (Season 1), New Earth (Season 2) and Smith and Jones (Season 3). Performance wise it wasn’t much of a stretch for Tennant but it was Tate that quite amazed me. She is known for her comical skills more than anything else but in this episode or perhaps for the rest of the season she can draw out a good sense of emotion if necessary. One of my favorite scenes was when they finally see each other and they were trying to speak as if miming. But the most hysterical part was this clip at 4:20:

Oh one more thing, The Adiposeans are so cute!!! And Sarah Lancashire was lush.

Welcome back Doctor, and to your new companion Donna. You are worth the wait.

Partners in Crime: 3.5/5

If you live in the UK, you can still catch the episode at the BBC iPlayer for up to 7 days.

Doctor Who Season 4

2 Apr

This is it! The wait is over!

The TARDIS will finally land and out comes the Doctor with a new companion, Donna Noble, played this time around by Catherine Tate.

3 DVD Boxsets later and come Saturday will be the start of the Doctor Who Season 4 on BBC One. It’s the first time I will be following the season and it’s really quite exciting. I still don’t own a telly mind, but bless the BBC for coming up with the iPlayer so I can still watch it albeit an hour after the telecast. So if you know my number don’t bother calling for I won’t answer, if you think you can do telepathy, believe me it ain’t gonna work.

Welcome back Doctor!

For more Doctor Who Season 4 updates please follow this link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho